Adolfo Neto

Elixir and Erlang enthusiast. Associate Professor at UTFPR

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I am an Associate Professor at the Federal University of Technology, Paraná. My research interests are software development communities and agile methods. My latest publications can be found on my Google Scholar profile.

I am co-creator and co-host of the Fronteiras da Engenharia de Software podcast, the Elixir em Foco podcast and Emílias Podcast - Women in Computing, all of them in Portuguese. I am also co-creator and co-host of the Hello, Erlang! podcast.

I am a member of the Education, Training, & Adoption Working Group of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation.🆕

I went to Code BEAM America 2022.

I gave a talk at Code BEAM Lite A Coruña 2022: Aprendendo Erlang e Elixir através do Exercism e do Advent of Code.

I gave a talk at Code BEAM Europe 2022: Learning Erlang and Elixir through Exercism and Advent of Code.

I am at Mastodon: (Portuguese) and (English).

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Mailing address: Av. Sete de Setembro, 3165 - Rebouças, Curitiba - PR, 80230-901, Brazil.