Adolfo Neto

Elixir and Erlang enthusiast. Associate Professor at UTFPR

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Past and Future Talks and Courses

BEAM (Erlang, Elixir) Community

I am a member of the Education, Training, & Adoption Working Group of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation.

I have created the Elixir World group on Telegram.

I give talks on Elixir whenever asked (and it fits my schedule).

I have a YouTube channel called Elixir, Erlang and the BEAM with Adolfo Neto. I also have a more generic chanel in Portuguese where some of the videos are about Elixir and Erlang. For instance, there is this playlist where I am covering Fred Hebert’s Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!: A Beginner’s Guide book.

I am co-creator and one of the hosts of the Elixir em Foco podcast - in Portuguese.

I co-organized the 10 Years of Elixir event.

🔊 In 2019, I was a guest of the Elixir Mix podcast: EMx 057: The Elixir Community with Adolfo Neto.

🔊 In 2020, I was again a guest of the Elixir Mix podcast: EMx 106: Elixir Education with Adolfo Neto.

🔊 If you can understand Portuguese, I was interviewed by Ruben Salomao in RS Entrevista Professor Adolfo Neto .

ESEIW 2024 Publicity and Social Media Co-Chair

SQBS 2024 Publicity chair

CIbSE 2024 EIbAIS Co-Chair

SQBS 2023 Publicity chair

CIbSE 2023 Publicity Co-Chair

TPC member of EduComp 2022 - WTD-EduComp

Program Commitee of ForPPCC-PR 2021 (Fórum dos Programas de Pós-Graduação em Computação do Paraná 2021)

TPC member of EduComp 2022 - Trilha 2 - Relatos de Experiencia

Tech Day SBSI 2022 - Local Chair

Program Comitte menmber of the 11º Workshop Brasileiro de Métodos Ágeis - WBMA - Archived copy

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